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    Strawberry Shortcake F808
Nutty Caramel F802
    STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Gluten Free (13 oz)
Pastel de Fresas
This delicious blend of strawberry popcorn and white chocolate drizzle makes you dream of a summer favorite – Strawberry Shortcake.
F808 | Half Gallon Resealable Bag $15.00
NUTTY CARAMEL Gluten Free (14 oz)
Nuez de Caramelo
Roasted almonds, cashews, pecans, peanuts and our delicious gourmet buttery caramel corn mixed to perfection. An amazing snack sensation!
Chocolate Delight F806
     F802 | Half Gallon Resealable Bag
Chocolate Delicia
Gluten Free
(13 oz)
Our rich and buttery caramel corn drizzled with milk chocolatey goodness. A chocolate lover’s Dream!
F806 | Half Gallon Resealable Bag $15.00
BUTTERY CARAMEL Gluten Free (23.5 oz)
Mantecoso Caramelo
A rich and buttery classic that is a favorite for many! Our family recipe uses sweet brown sugar, creamy butter and a cooking temperature perfected to deliver the right caramelization of every kernel. Absolutely Amazing!
F800 | 1 Gallon Resealable Bag $15.00
COOKIES & CREAM Now Gluten Free! (13 oz)
Galletas y Crema
We’ve taken our Signature Cookies & Cream Popcorn to
a whole new level. The taste of chocolate cookies get even better when they’re gently tossed with freshly glazed white chocolate and popcorn. Cookies get a bit o’ glaze, popcorn gets nubbins of chocolate, and you get superior taste.
F812 | Half Gallon Resealable Bag $15.00
Buttery Caramel F800
       Cookies & Cream F812
Best Seller!
Note: This is a 1 Gallon Bag

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